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Davidohkn.com was created in 2017 by Daniel Serome. Serome created the website to help support and promote Davido online. Another reason he started the site was because there are no other quality Davido fansite on the net with correct information and regular updates, and of course because he is a big fan of HKN Gang. He makes sure that Davidohkn is updated daily with all of the latest news, music, videos, photos, interviews and more. Serome chose the domain name “davidohnk” because it carries davido’s name record label name. Another reason is it easy to remember and has good search keyword.

Though Davidohkn.com has initail purpose of gathering all Davido’s fans together to read and discuss about the music legend, after a month later the website become very large as never expected holding lot’s of daily users and become the perfect place for Davido fans old and new fans.


Daniel Serome – Founder and Editor

Real Name: Daniel Serome
Location: North West England
Twitter: @DanielMousdell
Facebook: Daniel Mousdell
Instagram: Daniel Mousdell
Xbox Gamertag: Davidohkn.com

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